The Galactic Federation of Lies


2 thoughts on “The Galactic Federation of Lies

  1. So true, I see lots of people being tricked. People need to wake up, Can’t do much for they need to learn. There are two sides to the game a dark and a light. We have had the dark and we see the light side overcoming the dark so the gullible people want to join the light side. The wise can see that it is all a game and if you follow the light all you get is a bigger prison. The way out is to go Cosmic and leave these Universal energies behind.


  2. They say the Galactic Federation of Light has been around for 400Million years. This does not make them old in Galactic terms. They claim to be about Love. But they attack those that do not agree with they. Love has three principles, Unity, Truth and Equality. The Galactic Federation fail on the Equality for they have a structured organisation with beings whom I suspect play both Light and Dark at the top. They fail on Truth as their structure is not open. Lastly they are not united but consist of many ragtag fractions.


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