Renegade pleaidian Group from Aldebaran Starsystem.


There are some human races from the Starsystem Aldebaran, which is in the Pleiades. They are not nice guys. I’m sick and tired of hearing, “oh, the wonderful Pleiadians”. There are seven star systems there. One of them has a group that is just not worth Aldebaran.The Giza Intelligences/Aldebarans were also the ones that helped the Nazis giving them technology, the Aryan race. The Aldebarans are regressive they believed in the Aryan philosphy that the white race being superior to all other races and viewing others as a natural resource. the Aldebarans taught these prespectives to the Germans in world war II and exchanged advanced technologies to the German goverment and the Aldebarans are apart of the Orion Group.Well, they look at us as a natural resource. They look at us in the same way. Do you grasp this? Does this take you out of the box to know that someone looks at you as if you were a cow, a resource. It is really interesting that this model kicked in right after World War II, which incidentally was taught to the Germans by the Giza Intelligences/Aldebarans from the Pleiades. That is their model because they know that it works. That is how they control their people, or other star systems, is with this model. It was a race from Aldebaran that gave the Germans this data. The race from Aldebaran has used this in the past on races on other solar systems, using particular metallic compounds in the water supply to suppress consciousness. They just passed it on here.
the starsystem Aldebaran is inhabited by Human races and Reptilian races.


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